Alejandra Caballero

Current figurative poetic paintings

Intimate scenes predominate where time passes slowly and the characters contemplate, reflect or are revealed in everyday actions. As in memories, the superfluous is eliminated. The female figure stands out in spaces where light and sometimes the sea are also protagonists. Alejandra excites us with her scenes of eloquent silences and makes us participate in a game of looks where the viewer is an active piece that finishes giving the ultimate meaning to the work.

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“Alejandra Caballero’s paintings manage to challenge us as those of Edgard Degas or those of Edward Hopper” Ernest Farrés Junyent

Aida Vanrell Ramos

"Through a style in which the use of colour predominates, with a clear palette and bright colours, Alejandra Caballero manages to create very intimate scenes, brimming with freshness. Her pieces reflect a unique and intimate moment, moments lived by the figures represented in her work..."

Ernest Farrés Junyent

"Alejandra Caballero proposes us an exciting game that forces us to take sides by penetrating the picture in a voyeuristic and snoopy attitude. The open doors and windows highlight the multiplicity of realities in which we move..."

Alfredo García

"One of the most obvious characteristics of Alejandra Caballero's work is that her figures appear in places where we can all recognize ourselves ... the scope is impersonal, as if taken from an abstract memory since it lacks details."

Claudi Puchades

"As the photographs of the paparazzi, the paintings of Alejandra Caballero, offer us vital snapshots that can say everything we do not see in existence, if our capacity for psychological intuition and our willingness to know allow us to...”

Deborah García Sánchez-Marin

"Silence. Introspection. Serenity. These are some of the things I feel when contemplating Alejandra Caballero's paintings"